Alex Linebrink
Alex Linebrink | CEO

Alex is a serial entrepreneur with a proven track record in payment technology. In 2010 he started Core Merchant, leading it to profitability in 9 months, investor returns in 2013, and portfolio acquisition in 2014 to fund the development of Passage. Alex has strong skillsets in leadership, communications, and technology, and a diverse education ranging from electrical engineering to philosophy.

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David Anderson
David Anderson| Co-CTO

David is an experienced web & mobile application developer, most recently co-founding web & mobile application development firm, Foundry94. David has a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial & Operations Engineering from the University of Michigan.

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Patrick Misch
Patrick Misch | Co-CTO

An accomplished web & mobile application developer, Pat recently co-founded an application development firm, Foundry94. Pat has worked as a technical co-founder (, & mobile game developer (Elevate Entertainment). Pat’s education includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Valparaiso University.

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